Information Security & Privacy Policy

Your personal information is as important to us as it is to you.

Data privacy has always been at the core of what HBAN does. For more than 15 years we have protected the identities of our investors and provide a metaphoric invisible curtain for investors to review investment opportunities behind until they confirm they would like to be connected with a project of interest to them, only at that stage with consent are identities disclosed.

In this policy we aim to clearly and accurately communicate the data that we collect, the method and reason for collection and how long we will retain this data for. You can find more information on the right of the individual under GDPR at and you can view the full text of GDPR here.

About HBAN

HBAN is a joint initiative of Enterprise Ireland and InterTradeIreland, dedicated to the promotion of business angel investment.  The HBAN umbrella group supports the early stage entrepreneurial community across the island of Ireland and actively works to increase the number of angel investors investing in early stage companies.  The HBAN team work on a regional basis to support the formation of new angel networks and with existing angel networks to develop their capability and capacity, and across a range of industry sectors. HBAN is managed by Furthr and works in partnership with the Business Innovation centres in Cork, Galway and Waterford.


HBAN is committed to handling all personal data in a responsible manner and will not under any circumstance make public any personal data unless previously discussed and consented to by the data subject for a specific reason.

As part of our GDPR readiness action plan HBAN is undertaking a full data inventory and every effort has been made to foresee and limit any potential data breaches.

All HBAN communications are made on an opt-in basis and can be discontinued at any time upon request – to update your preferences please click here.

HBAN will process any access requests in a timely fashion and communicate any actions clearly to the data subject.

HBAN will report any data breaches in a timely manner to the Data Protection Commissioner (DPC).

Data subjects - Who do we collect information from?

HBAN aims to only collect professional information where possible as opposed to personal information from individuals. However, from time to time personal information is shared with HBAN from the following categories of stakeholders:

Private Investors (hereafter referred to as Members)
Entrepreneurs who wish to engage with HBAN (hereafter referred to as Clients)
Individuals making enquiries via our contact form or by direct email
Individuals subscribing to our newsletter

Data Purpose – Why are we collecting this data?

HBAN collects data for a variety of reasons including anonymised reporting of business angel investment in Ireland, tracking of ongoing investments, engagements and communications with members and client companies.

Data Disclosure – Who has access to your information?

HBAN will never disclose personal information to an unaffiliated third party.

HBAN is an initiative of Enterprise Ireland (EI) and InterTradeIreland (ITI) and acts as a data processor for these two organisations. As such HBAN will share details of members and client companies with EI and ITI where requested for the purposes of reporting.

Furthr, Cork BIC, South East BIC and West BIC are all contracted data processors of the HBAN Programme.

Data Retention – How long does HBAN hold information for?

HBAN has a range of retention rates depending on the data subject and usage:

  • Active Member data will be kept indefinitely for the purposes of tracking investments and communications
  • Former Member data will be kept in a limited capacity indefinitely for the purposes of tracking investments that have been made
  • Potential Member data will be kept on file for a 3-year period. Information about a potential member that has not engaged with us within this 3-year period or requests to be removed will be removed.
  • Client Company data will be kept indefinitely for the purposes of tracking investment success and reporting
  • Newsletter subscription information will be kept until an unsubscribe request is received
  • Supplier data will be kept indefinitely

Data Location – Where is your data being stored?

HBAN has made every effort to limit the locations of where any personal data is held to reduce any potential data breach points.

The primary method of data storage used by HBAN is the Zoho CRM system. You can find Zoho’s statement of GDPR compliance and policy here.

HBAN also uses Dropbox to store a limited amount of Client and Member data. You can find their statement of GDPR compliance and policy here.

Client and Member data is collected or managed through the following third-party applications:

  • Website Contact Form provided by Webtrade 
  • Registration Form provided by Zoho Forms 
  • Newsletter signups provided by HotJar 
  • Document Signature service provided by DocuSign 
  • Entrepreneur and investor deal management platform provided by Delio

In relation to the above-listed services data is collected but not retained and is deleted from each individual collection source once the relevant information has been transferred to the correct data storage system.

In order to ensure clarity, the above is a simplified version of our Privacy Policy. If you would like to view a detailed version of the HBAN Privacy Policy please click here. 

You can contact HBAN in relation to any data queries or make an access request by contacting or at 01 524 1333.