Interested in investing in startups? HBAN can help!

HBAN is as a trusted network for business angels, matching investors with high quality pre-screened early-stage scalable companies.

  • HBAN do not charge fees* or take equity on any deal where HBAN members invest
  • 15+ angel groups across the island
  • 50 - 60 deals done by our members each year
  • Individual investments within a syndicate starting at €20K per deal & individual direct investment starting at €50K per deal
  • €280k average combined angel contribution to each round
  • 60+ events per year
  • Stay anonymous until you find the right company to be connected with

*  Membership fees apply for some of the specialty investor syndicates and range from free to €2000 p/a

HBAN makes over 1,000 investor introductions each year, introducing investors to the vibrant start-up scene on the island of Ireland. We make these introductions based on your sector of interest through a combination of 1:1 introductions, pitching events and via our private online investment platform. Our experienced team pre-screens investment opportunities and can connect you with like-minded individuals so you can get the most out of business angel investing.

Not sure if angel investing is for you? Here's some questions to consider
  • How much are you prepared to invest?
  • How much time can you commit to the process?
  • Can you act as a mentor?
  • Are your business experiences & skill set something that can benefit the type of companies you wish to get involved in?
  • Can you accept new roles (e.g. Company Director) and incorporate them into your business life?
  • How much are you willing to learn in order to become a capable Angel if you have little experience?

If you are positively disposed to these questions, then HBAN is interested in hearing from you. By registering with HBAN we can give you access to high quality pre-screened investment opportunities that fit your investment criteria.

What is the process of becoming a member?
  1. Apply here
  2. Sign T&C’s via docusign
  3. Have a call or meeting with a member of the team
  4. Come and join us at a meeting
  5. You're in! You can now browse deals online & you will receive invites for upcoming meetings
Top tips for investors
  • Start the process of relationship building well ahead of when the money is needed;
  • Have a realistic valuation expectation – entrepreneurs have to be incentivised;
  • When considering an investment, you need to take into account any potential future funding rounds and the effect that may have on your ultimate shareholding and returns;
  • Whilst there have been many successes by individual investors, participating in an angel syndicate can have significant benefits; and
  • Syndicates need to be well managed to take advantage of the benefits and mitigate the pitfalls; the best syndicates use a charter

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Find out more

More information for business angels

There is lots of research available on business angel investing, don't forget to visit our Learning Centre to learn more!

HBAN has lots of resources to help its members source, build and manage their portfolios. As a member you will be invited to masterclasses, webinars and you will receive a quarterly educational newsletter with investment advice from the experts. HBAN has also published a useful guide to help demystify the business angel investing process.

Business Angel Landscape Overview

Business angel investors are high net worth individuals who provide smaller amounts of finance (typically in the range €50,000/£40,000 to €250,000/£200,000) at an earlier stage than many venture capital funds are able to invest. They are increasingly investing alongside both seed venture capital funds and government agency funding. Angels usually contribute much more than pure cash – they often have the industry knowledge and contacts that they pass on to entrepreneurs. Angels will often take non-executive board positions in the companies in which they invest.

The importance of business angels to the equity capital industry has grown significantly in recent years. In the U.S., business angels invest a similar quantum of money as the US venture capital (‘VC’) community (seed and growth capital) on an annual basis. They invest in many more companies than VC's since the average business angel investment is much lower than the average VC investment. The growing role of business angels as catalysts in many start-up companies is now well recognised in Europe. It is estimated that there are 12000+ ‘Angel’ or private investors on the island of Ireland. Approximately 90% of these investors fall under the category of family, friends and private individual investing directly or through managed tax relief schemes into startups. HBAN is the only formal, structured and managed network of Angel investors, which accounts for c. 10% of the private investor market. It delivers value to investors by delivering fully screened and prepared investment pitches

Return on Investment

Investing in private companies is very high risk. Studies in both the U.S. and the U.K. have indicated that angel investing can generate significant returns through portfolio investing (i.e. investing in more than one company).  The suggested portfolio size is between 10 and 15 companies. A study conducted for ACA showed that overall returns in the US for angel investment were 2.6x in 3.5 years.

The study also showed that the rate of return improved with the following three core factors:

  1. Increased due diligence prior to investment;
  2. Experience of the angel investors; and
  3. Active involvement in the company once the investment has been made.

Key strategic choices are significantly related to better investment outcomes

  1. Angels with entrepreneurial expertise outperformed those without it, especially in earlier-stage opportunities.
  2. More than half of the investments were very early-stage, going into pre-revenue ventures.
  3. Those who invested in opportunities where they have specific industry expertise failed significantly less.
  4. Those who perform at least some due diligence, even just 20 hours, experienced fewer failed investments.
  5. After the investment is made, some involvement with the venture was related to improved investment outcomes. However, failure was greater where investors were perhaps too involved, specifically when they held management roles.

Investing in private companies, whilst high risk, can be rewarding and worthwhile with positive financial and non-financial outcomes.  If it accelerates the growth of company then entrepreneurs will reap similar rewards. This is a win-win.  If you are interested in joining HBAN, please register with HBAN by clicking the button below.

What information do I need to provide to join?

Upon registering with HBAN as an investor we ask for the following information which helps us identify the right syndicate or group of angels to connect you with:

  • Basic investor details and his/her investment and professional experience
  • Indicative amounts available for investment*
  • Time available for involvement
  • Legal acknowledgments

*Minimum Investment amounts are €20K/£16K per investment in a syndicate and €50K/£40K as an individual investor