About HBAN

Ireland's Largest Network of Business Angels and Syndicates with 15+ Angel Groups Across Ireland and Abroad

Halo Business Angel Network (HBAN) is the all-island umbrella group responsible for the development of business angel networks and syndicates. Through actively working to support the formation and operation of new and existing angel networks, as well as to increase the number of angel investors in early stage Irish companies, HBAN support the entreprenurial community across the island of Ireland.

The all-island umbrella group works on a regional basis to support the formation of new angel networks and works with existing angel networks to develop their capability and capacity, and across a range of industry sectors. HBAN also acts as a voice to government, stakeholders, business and the media to promote the interests and needs of the wider angel investment community. HBAN is managed by Dublin BIC in partnership with the regional Irish BICs in Cork, Galway & Waterford. and with Clarendon Fund Managers in Northern Ireland. 

HBAN has been helping start-ups access funding for growth since 2007. Since then, angel investment has continued to accelerate as the number of active angels, and companies pitching for investment grows. Approximately 150 companies pitch to investors within the HBAN network each year, with one-in-three receiving funding as a result. To date HBAN angels have invested more than €126m in start-ups since the inception of the network.

In 2020, HBAN business angels across Ireland invested €14.5m into 59 companies. This direct angel investment leveraged a further €40.5m from public and private funds through organisations such as Enterprise Ireland and Venture Capital funds, bringing the total funding in these deals to €54.6m. These numbers have risen steadily from 2011 when HBAN helped 29 companies raise €12m of which €6m came from angel investors.

Business angel investors are high net worth individuals who provide smaller amounts of finance (typically in the range €25,000/£22,000 to €250,000/£216,000) at an earlier stage than many venture capital funds are able to invest. They are increasingly investing alongside both seed venture capital funds and government agency funding on the island.


The growing role of business angels as catalysts in many start-up companies is now well recognised in Europe including the island of Ireland. It is worth noting that much of the business angel community is ’ad-hoc‘ involving family, friends and private individuals investing directly in start-ups but not as part of any formal network.

However, we have some way to go in comparison with the US, where business angel investment is equivalent in scale to all Venture Capital investment in the economy. The formalisation of business angels into Business Angel Networks (‘BANs’) and the creation of business angel syndicates are reflecting best practice internationally.


HBAN WxNW Founder John Mullen interviewed on Shannonside FM

HBAN works regionally in partnership with the Irish Business Innovation Centres (BICs) in Dublin, Cork, Waterford, and Galway and Clarendon Fund Managers in Northern Ireland, who each run local angel networks. HBAN introduces suitable investors to each other and to entrepreneurs. HBAN takes no part in any investment, nor does it provide information to entrepreneurs or investors in relation to particular investments.  HBAN does not receive any fee, commission or payment from investors or entrepreneurs in respect of completed investments. HBAN does not provide investment services under the European Communities (Markets in Financial Instruments) Regulations 2007 and is not an investment advisory firm pursuant to the Investment Intermediaries Act 1995 as amended.