Meet our Angel groups

HBAN is the largest network of angel investors on the island of Ireland and currently has 17 different angel groups including 10 syndicates and 5 regional networks in operation. Click on logo's below to learn more about each group. 

Bloom Equity Bloom Equity Location - Dublin
MedTech Syndicate MedTech Syndicate Location - Galway
Boole Syndicate Boole Syndicate Location - Cork
HBAN Impact Syndicate HBAN Impact Syndicate Sector - Mixed
WXNW Syndicate WXNW Syndicate Location - West / North West
Investor Forum Investor Forum Location - Dublin
South East Business Angel Network South East Business Angel Network Sector - Mixed
HBAN Ulster HBAN Ulster Sector - Mixed
Kerry Angel Network Kerry Angel Network Location - Co. Kerry
Digital Irish Angels Digital Irish Angels Location - New York
Irrus Investments Irrus Investments Sector - Life-Sciences
London Syndicate London Syndicate Sector - Mixed
Singapore Syndicate Singapore Syndicate Sector - Mixed
HBAN Dubai Syndicate HBAN Dubai Syndicate Sector - Mixed

HBAN has an active network of angels in every region across the island - let's connect

We are actively supporting the angel community across the island of Ireland  - below you will find the team members supporting each region. Visit the meet the team page for more details: