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If you wish to mitigate risk in angel investing through building a diversified portfolio of investments then the syndicate model is for you. HBAN can connect you to like minded investors with similar investment interests.



Are you looking to get access to ambitious companies with growth potential? Are you looking to invest in new high potential start ups from Ireland’s emerging knowledge sector? Then speak to HBAN today.



If you are an early stage company in the knowledge sector looking for funds, we’d like to hear from you. Working with HBAN will ensure you have the best chance of raising finance.

What do we do?

Halo Business Angel Network is an all-island umbrella group responsible for the development of business angel syndicates on the island of Ireland. HBAN is actively working to increase the number of angel investors who are interested in investing in early stage technology, clean tech, medical device and agrifood companies and supporting the early stage entrepreneurial community.

Business angel investment is developing as an increasingly important asset class for the seed and early growth stage financing of innovative startups on the island....

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EBAN releases Landmark Study on Measuring the Economic Impact of Angel Investments

The 14th Annual Congress of EBAN was not a place where only investors’ points of view were presented. It rather was an arena exposing the apparatus of multisource information production.  As such, the EBAN Annual Congress unavoidably served also as a statement which disclosed results on academic research related to Angel Investment.

EBAN Associated Northern Ireland event a huge success

What does Ohio and Northern Ireland have in common?  On first thought, probably not a lot.  However, according to John Huston, founder and manager of the Ohio Tech Angels Fund, there are a lot more similarities than you think.  Often seen as a ‘flyover state’ and ‘a backwater’, Ohio has only 4% of the US population but has over 700 angels across 7 angel groups and this is all without the tax benefits that investors enjoy in Northern Ireland.‚Äč
Upcoming Events

Female Founders Forum (Silicon Republic)

Date: Monday, 30 June 2014
Time: 14:00 to 17:00
Venue: Guniness Storehouse, Dublin 8
Registration: Click here to register (early bird closes 16th June) 

On June 30, exciting keynotes from San Francisco and Paris, as well as local tech entrepreneurs and investors will gather to discuss the future of investment in female-led high potential start-ups in Ireland. It’s a subject close to our hearts at Silicon Republic.
“Women-led private technology companies are more capital-efficient, achieving 35% higher ROI, and, when venture-backed, bringing in 12% higher revenue than male-owned tech companies.”
Source: Women in Technology: Evolving, Ready to Save the World, Kauffman Foundation.


Julia Hartz, Co-Founder & President, Eventbrite, left her career as a television development executive to start a technology company focused on bringing the world together through live experiences. Today Eventbrite has processed more than $2.5 billion in gross ticket sales for organisers in 187 countries.
Anne Ravanona, Founder and CEO, Global Invest Her, is focused on getting Women Entrepreneurs funded faster and increasing gender diversity at work. She is a dynamic, visonary, global businesswoman with over 20 years' experience in Management Consulting & Global Business Development.
Dr. Helen McBreen - NDRC Investment Committee
Sonya Lennon - Co-founder of Frockadvisor
Grainne Barron - CEO & Founder of Viddyad
Lenora O Brien - Founder Pharmapod