Winners of the 2014 EBAN Awards

Monday, 18th May 2015
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The EBAN Awards ceremony took place during the Gala Dinner on evening of the 7th of May at the Evoluon Conference Center in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

EBAN recognised European Business Angel Federations, Networks and Investors who have demonstrated excellence and commitment to driving business angel investment over the last year. Furthermore, MBAN awards were granted for the first time for two different categories and also two special recognition awards were assigned to the organizations and individuals actively engaged in the angel investment community. Paulo Andrez, President Emeritus of EBAN, joined President Candace Johnson in bestowing the awards.

The distinguished Winners of the 2014 EBAN Awards are:

1. Lifetime Achievement Award: Peter Jungen
Peter Jungen has dedicated the last two decades to the finance of innovation and growth by entrepreneurial companies in Germany, Europe and the world. He is most likely the person who has done the most to bring about a “new economy” where private investors, entrepreneurs, and policy makers create “Capital value” for the 21st century. [Read full press release]

 2. Best European Early Stage Investor 2014: Brigitte Baumann

Brigitte holds a portfolio at Go Beyond Early Stage Investing of 28 early stage companies in different countries (US, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, India, Australia, New Zealand, Israel and Spain), in different sectors (ICT, Industrial, Finance, Impact, Sharing economies) and has had 2 successful exits in the last 12 months. First, Sensima in July 2014 and Lemoptix, aquired by Intel in March 2015. [Read full press release]
3. Best Performing EBAN Member 2014: Finnish Business Angel Network (FiBAN)

FiBAN made an amazing 31 million Euros of investment during 2014 and had more than 10 exits, all the while organizing EBAN's biggest ever Winter University in Helsinki with SLUSH! Congratulations to the entire FiBAN Team!


4. Best Performing EBAN New Member 2014: CorkBIC

CorkBIC has done a great deal to develop the Accelerator Community with the EBAN Membership. Together with Daniel Tomov of Eleven, CorkBIC co-chaires the Accelerator Committee of EBAN and is a wonderful new member. Eileen Moloney accepted the award on behalf of CorkBic and its CEO, Michael O'Connor.

5. Best Business Angel Week Initiative 2014: Invicta Angels


Invicta Angels organized numerous events during the Business Angel Week 2014 and did it with passion and gusto! Congratulations!



6. Best Individual/Organization in Globally Engaging the Early Stage Investment Eco-System: Baybars Altuntas

Baybars Altuntas has won this award for the second time in a row for his tireless promotion of the Early Stage Investment Eco-System around the world. Congatulations Baybars!




The distinguished Winners of the MBAN Awards are:

1. Successful Business Financed by Early Stage Investors: Wezi Wezi


We were pleased to have our partners MBAN participate for the first time in the awards and to welcome Wezi Wezi who came all the way from Jordan to participate in the entire Congress and win this award.


2. Best MENA Investor 2014: Arabreneur



Arabreneur is changing the Middle East early-stage eco-system with its investments in more than 20 companies throughout the MENA region. Congratulations!


Special Recognition Awards were given to:

1. The EBAN Impact Investing Committee
The EBAN Impact Investing Committee under the leadership of Hedda Pahllson-Mohler has been indefectible in bringing investing for good to Europe and the world. Thank you!
2. High Tech Campus
Not only does the High Tech Campus have a great facility for Conferences and Congresses, their enthusiasm and support of the entire entrepreneurial, innovation, and early-stage investment eco-system make them stand out in the world!

To conclude the ceremony Candace Johnson, President of EBAN, said: “It is a privilege to host the European Business Angel Congress and to highlight the important role of business angel investment as an asset class. We are continually working to accelerate business angel activity globally and the speakers and attendees at the EBAN 2015 Angel Summit are sharing a wealth of knowledge and experience.

For more information visit the EBAN website