Rising Tide Europe: 90 women from across 4 continents innovating cross border angel investing

Wednesday, 23rd March 2016
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For the first time in European history, a new generation of women investors and potential fund managers is being developed through the Rising Tide initiative.

Historically women have been under-represented in early-stage investing. In Europe, the estimate number of women angel investors is only 7%. The Rising Tide Europe 1 (RTE1) programme is part of a global movement to increase women’s participation in angel investing as an asset class. It has been developed to provide an enriching investment experience; including an investment portfolio in start-ups, an education of the investment process and the development of a global angel community of successful business women across Europe, Middle East, Africa and the USA.

Rising Tide Europe is a group of 90 successful business women from 23 countries in 4 continents who have pooled €1.000.000 to be invested in 6-10 early-stage European companies. EBAN, Go Beyond Investing and Next Wave (US) have partnered to bring together this first-of-its-kind learning and investing programme. EBAN President Candace Johnson highlights how “crucial it is to implement innovative and scalable approaches to early stage investment by collaborating and learning-by-doing so as to maximize the chances of success for the next generation of business angels”.

The programme is being steered by nine women who are also the lead investors. These successful business women have significant angel investing experience and are dedicated to increasing the number of female business angels worldwide. The nine lead investors are: Candace Johnson, President of EBAN (France); Brigitte Baumann, European Business Angel of the Year (Switzerland); Jeanette Anderson, Board Member EBAN (Sweden); Patty Dimond, investor (UK); Maria Eugenia Giron, investor (Spain); Florence Korhonen, Chairman of Board NFBAN (Finland); Hedda Pahlson-Moller, Board Member EBAN (Luxembourg); Cindy Naegel, investor (Belgium); Selma
Prodanovic, Board Member EBAN (Austria).

The participants in Rising Tide Europe access a number of benefits and as Brigitte Baumann, founder and CEO of Go Beyond Investing states “We are especially delighted to be developing new models to approaching angel investing as an asset class and building diversified portfolios”:

a) develop a diversified portfolio of 6-10 European early stage companies.
b) watch, learn and participate in the investment decisions of the 9 lead investors.
c) participate in a one year education programme with webinars, videos and in-person training on all aspects of the investment process
d) network together and with our colleagues who have launched the Rising Tide US programme.

In general the 90 investors are women who are interested in being part of a European network and broadly fall into 1 of 3 categories:

a) women who are new angel investors and want to learn through trainings and observing how the 9 experts conduct due diligence and make investments - most of this will be done virtually and not require more that a 4 to 8 hours a month.
b) women who have little time to pursue angel investing actively but would like to acquire a portfolio of European early stage investments
c) women who are experienced investors and would like to become part of the leadership team of future Rising Tide Initiatives.

As Alicia Robb from Next Wave summarizes “Our goal is to build a worldwide investment community of women in the Business Angel space.”

Who is EBAN
EBAN is the pan-European representative for the early stage investor gathering over 160 member organizations more than 50 countries today. Established in 1999 by a group of pioneer angel networks in Europe with the collaboration of the European Commission and EURADA, EBAN represents a sector estimated to invest 7.5 billion Euros a year and playing a vital role in Europe’s future, notably in the funding of SMEs. EBAN fuels Europe’s growth through the creation of wealth and jobs.

Who is Go Beyond
Go Beyond Investing enables novice & experienced, small & large investors, to access angel investing as an asset class through its unique platform, portfolio tools, education and expert angels.
Go Beyond operates in Europe and the US. Its management team includes seasoned business angels

Who is Next Wave Ventures
Next Wave Ventures drives diversity in high growth entrepreneurship and angel investing by increasing the participation of underrepresented groups.

Contact Rising Tide Europe: Cindy.naegel@go-beyond.biz or Mihai.savescu@go-beyond.biz