Business Angel Week & Exclusive HBAN Webinar

Friday, 10th November 2017
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November 13th - 17th is Business Angel Week in Europe, Africa and Asia. 

Business Angels Week is the world’s largest cross-border angel investment awareness campaign featuring Business Angels and Entrepreneurs from Europe, the Middle East (MBAN) and Africa (ABAN). Business Angels Week not only addresses the entrepreneurs but has a completely different approach by adding the investor flavour, opening the doors for matchmaking between entrepreneurs and investors by raising awareness of the early stage market.

To celebrate Business Angel Week HBAN is hosting a webinar in partnership with Seraf-Investor. The webinar will feature Seraf co-founders and US super angels Christopher Mirabile & Hambleton Lord. 

Christopher and Hambleton have made over 100 investments between them and will be sharing their experience and learnings with the audience. They are both the co-founders of the angel portfolio management tool Seraf and specialise in angel education.

This webinar is open to all HBAN members and will be aimed mainly at newer angels. Over their combined 30+ years as early-stage investors, Christopher and Ham have seen it all and will, in particular, be discussing the following topics:

  • hallmarks of a good deal process
  • importance of Due Diligence
  • rule #1 in Angel investing
  • importance of market size
  • early stage investment syndication

Hambleton Lord 

Ham Lord is an active member of the Boston entrepreneurial community, Co-Founder of Seraf, and the Co-Managing Director of Launchpad Venture Group, an angel investment group focused on seed and early-stage investments in technology-oriented companies. Through his involvement with Launchpad, Ham has built a personal portfolio of 35+ early stage investments. In addition, he is a board member or board observer for Irish company Qstream as well as Building Engines, EveryScape, and Repsly.

Due to the combination of roles as an investor, advisor and angel group leader, Ham was named one of Xconomy's “Top Angel Investors in New England.”

In the early part of his career he was on the founding team of three software companies: MicroChem Technologies, Polygen and Advanced Visual Systems. In 2000, Ham joined a small angel group and became one of the region’s most active angel investors. Since 2002, Ham has been at the forefront of developing best practices for angel investing.

Seraf is his latest company with the explicit goal of bringing a new level of professionalization to the angel investment asset class through startup investing software and angel investor education. Ham regularly publishes articles and eBooks on all aspects of early stage investing and has co-authored several books including Fundamentals of Angel Investing and Leaders Wanted: Making Startup Deals Happen which are available at Learn more about Hambelton in this Angel Invest Boston interview with Sal Daher

Christopher Mirabile

Christopher Mirabile is the Chair Emeritus of Angel Capital Association and an early stage investor in Boston MA, USA. He is the co-managing director of Launchpad Venture Group and the co-founder of angel portfolio management tool Seraf Investor.

Christopher has served as a public CFO with Irish Software company IONA Technologies PLC, a management consultant with Price Waterhouse's Strategic Consulting Group, and as a corporate and securities lawyer with Testa Hurwitz & Thibeault.

Christopher's portfolio management skills and insights are born of experience. He is a full-time angel and an active member of the Boston-area angel investing community. Not only does he help manage the Launchpad portfolio of 50+ companies, but he has personally invested in over 70 separate fund-raising rounds in 45+ start-up companies and is a limited partner in four specialized angel funds. He uses this experience and knowledge to provide angel education through articles and eBooks, and has co-authored several books including Fundamentals of Angel Investing and Leaders Wanted: Making Startup Deals Happen which are available at

Christopher is also a board member, advisor and mentor to numerous start-ups, and a frequent panelist and speaker on entrepreneurship and angel-related topics. He serves as an adjunct lecturer in Entrepreneurship in the MBA program at Babson. For these reasons he was named one of Xconomy's “Top Angel Investors in New England.” Learn more about Christopher in this Angel Invest Boston interview with Sal Daher


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