John Phelan on The Sunday Business Show on TodayFM

Sunday 7th January 2018 on the Sunday Business Show Conall was joined by John Phelan, National Director of HBAN. 

Increased angel investment in Medtech, Virtual and Augmented Reality in 2018

HBAN (Halo Business Angel Network), the all-island organisation responsible for the promotion of business angel investment, today announces its predictions for 2018. HBAN is forecasting a 17% increase in angel investing in Irish start-ups as the economy grows in 2018, and it will reach €25 million per year by 2020.

Hockey stick growth curves are a thing of the past Angel investor shares top tips for budding start ups Irish Independent

Chairman of the HBAN Bloom Equity syndicate Rowan Devereux was interviewed by Louise Kelly of the Irish Independent on the state of entrepreneurship and investment in Ireland in 2017 and the the future. 

HBAN’s South East Syndicate to invest €10M in local start ups

HBAN (Halo Business Angel Network), the all-island organisation responsible for the promotion of business angel investment today announces that investors in its South East Business Angel Network (SEBAN) plan to invest €10 million in start-ups from the region over the next three years.

How Angels Can Screen Companies for Awesomeness

The best angels and angel organizations have a lot of investment opportunities, whether discovered on their own or directed to them. They have the high-class problem of getting those opportunities down to a manageable number for true consideration. It’s a two or three-part process, screening deals into a smaller group of “semi-finalists” who can go through a deeper vetting process that lead to “finalists,” who then present to the investors and are selected for due diligence.

HBAN to boost angel investment to €25M per year by 2020

As part of this week’s Business Angel Week, HBAN (Halo Business Angel Network), the all-island group responsible for the promotion of business angel investment in Ireland, today announces plans to increase the amount invested in Irish start-ups by HBAN angels to €25 million per year by 2020. This will see HBAN increasing angel investment by 17% per year for the next four years.

Should I Jump On That Bandwagon? (Angel Investing)

The toughest moment in a new angel’s investing career: a very large round has lots of momentum – it has been expanded and is still over-subscribed. And it is a classic case as these things go, driven by the usual factors: little bit later stage with some traction, so risk is perceived as lower, great pitch by an appealing CEO, backed by a seemingly good team, momentum in the round building quickly, a product people can understand that is already built and in the stream of commerce, and, perhaps most importantly, a perception of scarcity as the round filled up.

Business Angel Week & Exclusive HBAN Webinar

November 13th - 17th is Business Angel Week in Europe, Africa and Asia.