Tech Humans Of Dublin # 41: Michael Culligan, Dublin BIC

Dublin Globe - 22 October 2015 / By Derek O'Connor

New Math For High Growth Companies Requires Angel Syndication

If you’re an angel investor and aren’t yet well-versed in syndication, now is the time to take notice. The changing math required to fund promising companies explains why: the median deal size for angel groups in 2014 was $800,000 (according to the Halo Report) and the average angel group invested $250,000 (per the Angel Capital Association).

Start up Advice: Michael Culligan, HBAN

Silicon Republic - 9 Oct 2015

Tell Them To Go It Alone: Tag Team Pitches are Terrible

As a mentor and startup advisor, one of the most common fund-raising questions founders ask you is: can my co-founder and I pitch the company together? I suggest you tell them to strongly resist the temptation. It is a very bad idea. Tell them that some roads are better walked alone. Single person pitching, by the CEO, is always the preferred approach. In the Q&A they can find a role for others, but tell them they should not make a role in the pitch itself.

WxNW Syndicate are recruiting

The new WxNW Syndicate is currently seeking both new and experienced angels along the Western seaboard to join them for their next meeting in a top secret location on 16th October.

Spirit of Entrepreneurship Evening for Mayo Entrepreneurial Community

Prominent guest speakers for Mayo Entrepreneurial Event including Colm Lyon & John McGuire

Advanced Pitching Skills Avoiding The 9 Worst Pitching Thin Spots

If you want to help an entrepreneur get through a demo day or pick up a few seed investors, you can do it by covering the basics...

Silicon Stroll 2015: Current Trends & Future Insights

Where early stage entrepreneurs engage with Tech Giants and Business Influencers

The Rising Tide of 99 Women Angels Investing Together

EBAN has entered a cooperation with the Kauffman Foundation, Rising Tide Program USA/Next Wave and Go Beyond Investing to do the first ever Rising Tide Program Europe. This will gather 99 women across Europe and the USA to invest together €1+ million in Early Stage startups.

HBAN helps Iconic raise €400,000 through business angel investment

15 positions to be filled by December 2016 Irish software company Iconic raises €400K and announces 15 new jobs Iconic targeting the €37BN language industry Proprietary technology developed through R&D at DCU Iconic Translation Machines, a leading Irish translation software company, today announces that it is creating 15 new jobs at its headquarters in Glasnevin, Dublin. The positions will be filled by December 2016 and will bring the total employment at the company up to 25.