Why Do Investors Invest? Exits!

The primary objective of angel investing is to realise a return on investment of between 5X and 10X, which rewards the investors for investing at the earlier and most risky stage of the business. The sooner the exit the more attractive angel investing becomes as an asset class within an investor's wealth portfolio. The average European trend has been an exit within 5-7 yrs.

Outlined below are a selection of HBAN Investee companies that have delivered an investor exit/return. The time to realise those returns has ranged from 3 years at the low end to 9 years at the high end. The return multiples for these investments vary to from 2X to 10X with the median return being 5.4X

Notable HBAN Investor Exits

Other Notable Irish Company Exits:

OxyMem Ltd OxyMem Ltd -
Pointy Pointy -