Upcoming Events

Angel investing is a high-risk, high-return opportunity.  

We believe that by learning from experienced investors and the research that has already been carried out, some of this risk can be mitigated and you can significantly increase your chances of success.

HBAN has a suite of educational resources that can help early-stage investors build a healthy portfolio. Join us an upcoming event to learn from other investors and don't forget to check out the video & webinar recordings in our learning centre.

Upcoming events

Please note HBAN has made the decision to hold all upcoming events virtually due to the current government guidance on Covid19 and public gatherings.

If you would like to attend any of our upcoming events please email info@hban.org for more information.

  • HBAN Investor Forum Meeting, March 3rd - for all enquiries, please contact emer@hban.org 
  • HBAN WxNW Meeting, March 5th - for all enquiries, pelase contact ultan@hban.org 
  • HBAN Ulster Meeting, March 10th - for all enquiries, please contact claudine@hban.org 
  • HBAN Bloom Equity Meeting, March 12th - for all enquiries, please contact siobhan@hban.org  
  • HBAN London Meeting, March 25th - for all enquiries, please contact paula@hban.org 
  • HBAN Kerry Angel Network Meeting, March 25th - for all enquiries, please contact maeve@hban.org 
  • HBAN Medtech Meeting, April 30th - for all enquiries, please contact julian@hban.org