Pitching to HBAN

Preparation is key!

If you have been asked to pitch to one of HBAN's angel groups you will be asked to complete a number of steps in preparation including:

  • Preparing a pitch deck 
  • Provide detailed financial projections
  • Completing a profile on Delio, our investment platform
  • Participating in pitch prep with a member of the HBAN team

The HBAN team works closely with all selected companies to ensure that they are prepared to pitch to our Angel Groups. If you have any questions about the pitching process, please contact us.

Preparing your pitch deck

An investor pitch deck is usually a 10/13 slide presentation designed to give a short, engaging summary of your company, your business plan, your vision and the people behind it.  This presentation should be very visual and contain very little text.  The typical slides an investor will want to see included are:

  •  Introduction / opening grab
  • Problem
  • Solution /Value Proposition
  • Market Size
  • Traction to date/ key commercial & technical milestones achieved
  • Route to market/ Sales & Marketing
  • Business model
  • Competitive analysis
  • Technological and commercial roadmap
  • Management Team
  • P&L summary incl. current year & two years forecast
  • Raise and use of funds
  • Exit

Some additional resources which you may find useful in preparing to pitch to HBAN Investors include: