HBAN Critera

Raising equity from an external investor is an all-consuming exercise for you as an entrepreneur. You have to be prepared to put considerable effort into the process: before, during and after the actual deal is done.

Here are some things to consider before you apply to HBAN;


Our investors consider a wide range of sectors in which to invest. Below you can see a list of the sectors that our investors are most interested in. We do consider other sectors such as emerging industries like AR/VR.  

There are some sectors that the investors in our network do not wish to invest in though there are other supports available if you fall into one of these categories. You can find a breakdown of some of these resources in the drop down sections below.

Non-Eligible Sectors include Services (Retail, Real Estate, Education, etc), Restaurants and Tourism.  


HBAN Investors are looking for start-ups who are launched to market and revenue-generating. There are some exceptions to this such as Med-Tech, Life Science companies or University spinouts .  In these cases we would be looking for commercially viable products with defined route to markets. 

You would be considered at too early a stage if you:

  • Are at idea stage
  • Are seeking development funding to manufacture a prototype or build the product
  • Are at MVP stage
  • Are currently doing market research/viability testing

Next steps

If you meet the above criteria and operate in a sector considered by HBAN Angels we welcome you to get in touch with HBAN and submit an application. You can find out more information on the application process and documentation required on our 'Apply for Funding' section.

If you do not meet our criteria, operate in a sector not invested in by HBAN Angels, or are at too early a stage for the network currently, you can find some other resources below. 

Other Sector Resources

Non-Eligible Sectors include Services (Retail, Real Estate, Education, etc), Restaurants and Tourism. Some other supports available are:

  • Enterprise Ireland: While EI often focus on ICT they do offer supports such as their Online Retail Scheme
  • Local Enterprise Offices: LEO's offer a range of supports for local business in a range of sectors and stages. 
  • IntertradeIreland: Small business supports and access to funding in Ireland and Northern Ireland
  • Bord Bia: Bord Bia offers a range of business development supports for companies in the Food and Food Services Sector
  • Failte Ireland: Failte Ireland has a range of supports for the Tourism Industry including newly introduced Market Diversification and Retention and Growth programmes.
Early Stage Company Resources

If you are currently at too early a stage there are several supports available: 

Local Enterprise Offices: LEO's provide a range of training and supports for entrepreneurs looking to set up a new business

BIC's: Regional Business Innovation Centres provide supports for start-ups and small businesses including Investor Ready and Enterprise Start programmes

FurthrSouth East BIC | Cork BIC | West BIC

  • Enterprise Ireland: The New Frontiers Entrepreneur Development programme is run by EI in conjunction with IT's to support entrepreneurs with their early-stage development
  • We Are Catalyst: Providers of business supports and access to funding with several campuses in Northern Ireland