Masterclass 1: Key Investor Protections

Discussion led by Alan O’Driscoll & Diann Cannon of Flynn O'Driscoll

Alan O’Driscoll (Corporate Partner at Flynn O’Driscoll) and Diann Cannon (Senior Associate at Flynn O’Driscoll) will present a high level overview and explanation of certain key protections for investors. This will include reverse vesting, warranties/representations, restrictive covenants, anti-dilution, drag-along, tag-along, and pre-emption.

Masterclass 2: A Beginners Guide to Due Diligence

Discussion led by Aidan O'Driscoll, HBAN, & Irrus Investments

This masterclass will give participants a good overall understanding of what is involved in completing thorough due diligence (DD) on a perspective deal. Syndicating and sometimes sharing DD allows investors to invest in more companies and therefore mitigate risk in their portfolios. This session will teach you the tools needed to produce a comprehensive DD report which in turn will help you (and potentially others) arrive at an informed investment decision. The main topics being covered are the DD Questionnaire, sharing of DD amongst other investors; Market/Customer/Product/IP - verifying what the business plan contains and issuing a DD Report.

Masterclass 3: EIIS and Tax Efficient Investing

Discussion led by Laura Lynch of Laura Lynch & Associates

This masterclass will describe the most tax efficient ways to make, manage and exit investment, and give an overview of the syndicate investment process.  

The discussion will include different investment structure options (e.g. loan notes, preference shares and ordinary shares), why choose one over the other and who the investor should be – you, a family member, your company or your pension.  

We will also bring you up to date on important developments in EIIS tax relief, which are generally positive for angel investors.  

Masterclass 4: An Overview of the European Angel Fund

Discussion led by Drew O'Sullivan, European Angel Fund Ireland

The European Angel Fund is a EUR 700mln Europe wide initiative run by the European Investment Fund. The Irish component- EAF Ireland, is a EUR 40mln fund, which is supported by both Enterprise Ireland and the EIF.

EAF Ireland works by entering long-term co-investment agreements with angel investors who have a successful track record - with the angel investor having autonomy on the selection and management of each investment made. The angel earns 20% carry on a deal by deal basis.

The workshop will describe how the EAF Ireland works for an angel, how angels apply for co-investment and the progress of the European Angel Fund to date.

Drew O’Sullivan is the local adviser in Ireland to the EIF on the deployment of EAF Ireland.