HBAN is a joint initiative of Enterprise Ireland, InterTradeIreland and Invest Northern Ireland, managed by Furthr in partnership with the Irish BIC's and Clarendon Fund Managers.

Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland is the Irish government organisation responsible for the development and growth of Irish enterprises in world markets. Our priority is to work with Irish companies to increase their international sales, resulting in increased employment and prosperity in Ireland. 

We do this by helping Irish companies and entrepreneurs to:

  1. Develop Strategic Business Plans
  2. Build Leadership and Management Capabilities
  3. Access Overseas Markets, Buyers and Research
  4. Fund Strategic Business Plans
  5. Innovate through access to new ideas
  • We work with:   Ambitious entrepreneurs -> To help them to get started
  • Research and innovation communities -> To commercialise their research
  • Export-led start-ups and established companies -> To access global markets
  • Global buyers -> To access world-class products and services from Ireland

Funding – overview:

Funding is available from Enterprise Ireland to support eligible activities in manufacturing and internationally traded services activities.
Enterprise Ireland funding supports are for companies and entrepreneurs with plans for a high potential start-up through to large companies expanding their activities, improving efficiency and growing export sales. We also provide funding and supports for college based researchers to assist in the development, protection and transfer of technologies into industry via licensing or spin-out companies. Supports are tailored to suit stage of development and specific funding needs.

For latest information on funding supports available from Enterprise Ireland visit:


Discover What’s Possible with InterTradeIreland

The Cross Border Trade and Business Development Body

In a challenging commercial world, business energy makes all the difference. InterTradeIreland can provide businesses with that energy, through a strong mix of business intelligence, meaningful contacts and funding support.

To date over 25,000 small businesses have been supported by InterTradeIreland to identify and develop all-island trade and innovation opportunities. InterTradeIreland helps small businesses capitalise on the extraordinary possibilities that exist right here on the island of Ireland, where cross-border trade exceeds £2bn/ €2.8bn annually.


Sourcing specialist advice or finding the right person with the right skills can be a challenge for businesses, while partnering with academic institutes can be complex. InterTradeIreland can support companies financially in these areas, assisting not only with funding, but also with specialist expertise and vital introductions. InterTradeIreland helps early stage companies become more ‘investor ready’ with a range of Equity and Venture Capital Advisory Services and links to key Business Angel networks on the island. For more established businesses looking to grow then our Funding for Growth Advisory Services and expertise can help guide them to the most appropriate form of finance for their business stage.


InterTradeIreland provides valuable business & policy intelligence on opportunities, regulation, market trends and important influencers.
InterTradeIreland also provides access to a strong knowledge base through graduates, universities, company collaboration and specialist advisors to support innovation and product development. InterTradeIreland produces the largest all-island Business Monitor survey quarterly, publishes insightful research reports and provides a unique all-island trade statistics portal.


InterTradeIreland’s extensive networks and partnerships, formal and informal, are central to its purpose to grow business in Northern Ireland and Ireland. A series of business events including conferences, seminars, workshops and masterclasses on various topics and themes, most of which are free to attend, offer companies the valuable opportunity to make those all important connections across the island.


So if your focus is sales growth, innovation, tendering skills, raising venture capital, securing growth funding or improving business intelligence, a good place to start is InterTradeIreland.

Discover What’s Possible.


Video link of an overview of our services- Watch here

Invest Northern Ireland

As the regional business development agency, Invest NI’s role is to grow the local economy. We do this by supporting new and existing businesses to compete internationally, and by attracting new investment to Northern Ireland.

We are part of the Department for the Economy and provide strong government support for business by effectively delivering the Government’s economic development strategies.

Invest NI offers the Northern Ireland business community a single organisation providing high-quality services, programmes, support and expert advice.

We principally support those businesses that can make the greatest contribution to growing our economy. These are businesses that have ability to grow and drive productivity in the economy and are keen to export their goods and services outside Northern Ireland.

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Furthr empowers entrepreneurs to start and scale by providing 
a comprehensive range of programmes specifically designed to advance the ambitions of early-stage companies.

Furthr provides programmes across four core areas of expertise:

  • Investor-Ready Preparation - 85% of Furthr investor-ready start-ups receive funding
  • Access to Finance - 350 start-ups have received funding through Furthr
  • Incubation Space - managing two of Ireland’s leading start-up and co-working hubs
  • Community & Collaboration - knowledge-sharing, business opportunities and networking

Furthr manages the overall HBAN programme in partnership with the other Irish BIC's across Ireland and Clarendon Fund Managers in Northern Ireland.

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CorkBIC is a private-sector led organisation, specifically set up to identify & build knowledge intensive companies based on promising technology and capable innovative people. It plays a hands-on role helping entrepreneurs navigate the minefield of raising finance, sorting out business propositions, arranging agreements with shareholders and investors, and, perhaps most important of all, finding customers.

Every year, CorkBIC identifies, selects and develops several high potential startups or expansions. At any one time, there are 40 or 50 projects in the pipeline. 85% of startups engaging in this integrated process survive after five years, far outstripping the international survival average of 50%. Over the past 25+ years CorkBIC has worked with over 500 start-ups, many of whom come back and re-engage.

CorkBIC works with HBAN (Halo Business Angel Network), local and international VCs, Enterprise Ireland and Business Angel Syndicates to ensure that each Entrepreneur has access to a wide range of funding sources. CorkBIC manages the HBAN Network in the Southwest region of Ireland.

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South East BIC

South East BIC, a public private partnership, supports the generation and development of new innovative enterprises and assists existing SMEs to innovate and expand.

We provide high quality specialised business consultancy and active incubation. The BIC team works closely in collaboration with other local, regional, national enterprise support agencies and has strong international connections, particularly in Europe, through its membership of the European BIC Network (EBN).

From its Waterford base, the team works throughout the counties of Waterford, Wexford, Carlow, Kilkenny and Tipperary and focuses largely on project evaluation and development, business modelling, planning and sourcing finance. South East BIC manages the HBAN Network in the South East region of Ireland.

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West BIC

WestBIC, the EU Quality Accredited Business and Innovation Centre for the West/North-West region of Ireland, is a Specialist Provider in the Irish Governments portfolio of supports to industry.

It is primarily concerned with stimulating the creation and expansion of Higher Potential enterprises in the region. WestBIC is supported by Enterprise Ireland and the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation through the National Development Plan. Established in 1987, WestBIC provides support services to value-added HPSUs and knowledge-based early stage innovative enterprise.

Through its strategically located offices in the West/North West region, it mobilises the key enablers
of Applied Innovation including market animation, incubation infrastructures, investor grade Business Planning and financial engineering support including the sourcing of capital through HBAN. This activity is overlaid with an open innovation model using the extensive international networks available to WestBIC and its client companies to source partners, technology, markets and a real opportunity to benchmark their product offering internationally. WestBIC manages the HBAN Network in the West & Northwest region of Ireland.

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Clarendon Fund Managers

Clarendon Fund Managers Limited is an early stage venture capital fund manager based in Belfast, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

We manage £44m of regional VC Funds in Northern Ireland including £13m of fully invested Funds (Viridian
Growth Fund and Nitech Growth Fund) and Co-Fund NI I & II, a £31m Fund that co-invests with business angel/ private investor lead deals which when matched to the private investment on a deal by deal basis will equate to £80m of syndicated funding. Clarendon Fund Managers manages the HBAN Network in Norther Ireland.

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Other Angel Networks HBAN works in partnership with


EBAN is a non-profit association representing the interests of business angels, business angel networks (BANs) and federation of networks, seed funds and other entities involved in bridging the equity gap in Europe.

EBAN was established with the collaboration of the European Commission in 1999 by a group of pioneer BANs in Europe and EURADA (European Association of Development Agencies). HBAN is a member of EBAN.

What EBAN Do

    •    Represent the early stage investment market in Europe
    •    Carry out research on the angel market and produce facts and trends
    •    Identify and share best practice
    •    Promote the role and visibility of business angel networks and early stage funds in Europe
    •    Promote synergies and networking opportunities among actors in the industry
    •    Support the emergence of professional structures and quality standards across Europe
    •    Support the internationalisation of the angel and early stage industry and movement
Note:  EBAN is not a direct investor in entrepreneurial companies.
EBAN's Constituency

   •    Federations of business angels networks
   •    Business angels networks with a transnational, national, regional and local coverage
   •    Early stage venture capital funds
   •    Other entities involved in promoting the early stage investment market in Europe
   •    Individual business angels

Members include individual business angel networks from European countries, regional and national federations of business angels networks, business angel networks with international focuses, early stage venture capital funds and other entities involved in promoting the early stage investment market in Europe. Together with its North American counterpart, ACA, it was a founding member of WBAA, the World Business Angels Association.

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Global Business Angel Network

Global Business Angels Network (GBAN) is an initiative of the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN), the community of programs and policy initiatives now in 150 countries born out of Global Entrepreneurship Week initiated and funded by the Kauffman Foundation.

The Global Business Angels Network (GBAN) is a global community of business angel networks and organizations coordinated by the Global Entrepreneurship Network, Inc. (GEN). GBAN brings greater public awareness and engagement to the role that business angels play in helping new firms start and scale.

GBAN interfaces with entrepreneurs, policymakers, other early-stage finance actors and leading entrepreneurial support programs to strengthen the global entrepreneurial ecosystem. Whether helping local entrepreneurial ecosystems recruit more investors, expanding geographic investment arenas beyond local markets or amplifying the angel “voice” to regulatory issue discussions, GBAN seeks to provide an inclusive, supportive community of early-stage investors around the world.

Global Entrepreneurship Network is a year-round platform of programs and initiatives created by the communities that celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) each November. Aimed at creating one global entrepreneurial ecosystem, GEN helps people in 150 countries unleash their ideas and turn them into promising new ventures—creating jobs, unearthing innovations for society and strengthening economic stability around the world. For details on the programs and initiatives that make up GEN, visit

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Angel Capital Association

ACA is a collective of accredited angel investors, North America's most prolific early-stage investment class.  The association is the largest angel professional development organization in the world.  ACA provides an insider perspective that can help you make smart investment decisions.

ACA by the Numbers:

  • 14,000+ member accredited angel investors
  • 260 angel groups, accredited platforms and family offices
  • 20,000+ entrepreneurial companies in ACA member investment portfolios

Angels: Be Part of a Community of "Preferred Providers" of Capital

Three ways ACA helps smart, professional angels make more high quality investments:

  • Knowledge sharing, best practices and insights from top angels to ensure smarter investment decisions
  • Connections to vetted angels to support your deal flow and syndication processes
  • Representation to public policymakers to safeguard angel investor rights

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