The Investor Forum - Individual Investors

The Investor Forum is a group of 80-100 active private investors. They are a group of experienced entrepreneurs who have successfully built, grown and developed technology companies in Information & Communications, Financial Services, MedTech, Cleantech, Manufacturing and other sectors  and business executives coming from these industries . These business Angels are individuals with the financial capability to invest in early stage businesses. They invest in scalable businesses that are at an early stage of development with high growth potential, and thus will tend to have a higher risk profile. Typically they co-Invest with other Angels or Syndicates or private Investors, including Enterprise Ireland and Seed Funds,  in return for an  equity stake in the business.

As many of the members are industry veterans that have successfully set up and sold technology companies previously, they have a unique set of skills, experience and contacts. These investors often work with companies to considerably accelerate their growth.

The Investor Forum angels typically invest in early stage companies who believe they have identified a significant market opportunity and wish to commercialise their offering. Generally Angels will invest amounts anywhere between 50 and 250 thousand euro as part of a company’s first real seed round of investment in return for a significant minority shareholding generally in the region of 15-25%. The angels will normally participate in funding rounds of €150,000 – €1,500,000 and will often co-invest with Enterprise Ireland and/or any of the Seed Venture Capital Funds.

If you are interested in joining HBAN as a individual investor as a member of the HBAN Investor Forum, please register with HBAN here.