Meet Our Syndicates

HBAN currently has 5 Regional Business Angel Networks and 7 Syndicate groups across the island.



HBAN is focused on creating and growing networks of angel investors. Syndication is an internationally recognised best practice model for angel investment which;

a) stimulates angel investment,

b) empowers angel investors to build and maintain a portfolio of investments, and

c) streamlines the funding process for the entrepreneur.

HBAN All-island Syndicates

Bloom Equity


Bloom Equity are a group of experienced entrepreneurs who have successfully built technology led companies in Software, Online Services, E-Commerce, and Telecoms.  As many of the members are industry veterans that have successfully set up and sold technology companies previously, they have a unique set of skills, experience and contacts. Drawing on their collective and individual experience and business networks, Bloom Equity invest in and work with companies in these sectors to considerably accelerate their growth.

Bloom Equity typically invests in early stage companies who believe they have identified a significant market opportunity and have a scalable offering which they wish to accelerate the commercialisation of. The syndicate generally invests €150,000 – €250,000 in return for a significant minority shareholding generally in the region of 15-25%. This syndicate will normally participate in funding rounds of €250,000 – €1,500,000 and will often co-invest with Enterprise Ireland and/or any of the Seed Venture Capital Funds.

If you are interested in joining the group please submit a membership application or for further information please call us on 01 474 8216 or email us at


Boole Investments

The Boole Investment syndicate is a Cork based group of like-minded investors interested in investing in new technology start-up's with scalability. This group has extensive business acumen in a variety of industries from medical devices to clean technologies to software.  Syndicate members are all accomplished entrepreneurs in their own right and are looking to build a diversified portfolio of investments, preferably but not exclusively, in the Southern and greater Cork region. The syndicate meets every month and invites companies to pitch at each meeting. Boole Investment is supported by the Halo Business Angel Network (HBAN) and Cork Business Innovation Centre (Cork BIC). 

If you are interested in joining the group please submit a membership application or for further information please call us on 01 474 8216 or email us at


The HBAN Food Syndicate

The is an all island group of experienced investors from the food , drink, food supply chain and wider agritech sectors. The syndicate is interested in investing in truly innovative companies in the sectors mentioned above. These companies have a strong focus on export from an early stage, usually with early sales traction from key industry buyers.  In addition to capital investment, the syndicate members bring significant know-how in scaling international businesses from across the food industry spectrum 

If you are interested in joining the group please submit a membership application or for further information please call us on 01 4748216 or email us at


Irrus Investments

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Irrus investments is a group of investors, operating in a syndicate, who are primarily interested in early stage investments in new innovative technologies with strong IP and international scalability. The founding members have extensive successful investment, turnaround and international business experience. Irrus expects that its commercial experience allied with its financial investment will combine to accelerate commercial success. Irrus membership is by invite only and brings together individuals with an appetite for investment and experience in a broad range of disciplines and industries.

The syndicate has invested €15m over the last 7 years in 16 start ups primarily in the Life Sciences sector. These companies in total raised €73m. 

For further information please contact: Aidan O'Driscoll -


The HBAN Medtech Syndicate

Ireland is one of Europe's largest MedTech hotspots and, as a globally recognised centre of excellence, is home to 100+ companies, employing 25,000 people and represents 6% of Europe's medtech workforce.
The HBAN MedTech syndicate meet quarterly in Galway and is comprised of seasoned MedTech entrepreneurs who help provide not only the funds but also the medical knowledge and commercial skill set to help catalyse and support medical innovation in the medical device sphere.
The group have recently helped fund Aventamed a company that has spent four years developing a practical and simple solution for the treatment of ear infections with grommets without the inherent risks of general anaesthetics in children. AventaMed’s highly innovative hand-held device has the potential to completely revolutionise the industry. Aventamed raised a second round of funding with €1.6m coming from HBAN angels across three syndicates – this was the largest single HBAN angel deal to date. 

The HBAN MedTech group meet quarterly in Galway, if you would like to join please submit a membership application or for further information please email: or call 01 474 8216


HBAN WXNW Syndicate

HBAN’s WXNW (West by North West) Syndicate launched in April 2015 (with a broad sector focus) to encourage investment by successful entrepreneurs, based in or connected to the Western counties, into innovative start-up companies. This initiative is being led by Mayo man, John Mullen - co-founder of Version 1. HBAN is lending its resources, knowledge and expertise to the development of the new Syndicate in partnership with John, Enterprise Ireland, InterTradeIreland, WestBIC, GMIT Innovation Hub, IRD, Údarás, the Western Development Commission and the Local Enterprise Offices. The partners help identify and prepare suitable candidates for investment. Business angel investing is recognised worldwide as a key enabler in the development of innovative start-up companies and objective herein is to develop this lever of support to the benefit of start-ups in the West of Ireland. HBAN is seeking business angel investors who are interested to invest directly and support start-ups in the West of Ireland.  

If you are interested in joining the group please submit an application membership application or for further information please call us on 01 4748216 or email us at


South East Business Angel Network

The South East Angel Network (SEBAN) is a group of investors based in the South East region who bring an extensive range of skills and experience from a wide variety of sectors.  Members, who have a broad sector focus, are interested in investment opportunities in both start-up and more established businesses that are based primarily, though not exclusively, in the South East region.  SEBAN is supported by South East BIC.

If you are a company interested in pitching to the group or an investor interested in becoming a member of the South East Business Angel Group, then please contact:  Cormac Coade,


HBAN International Syndicates


HBAN has evolved since it began ten years ago. Growth comes in stages and those stages have clearly been to date:

  • Individuals
  • Syndicates
  • Syndicates of Syndicates

The next phase of evolution is the creation and development of sustainable International Syndicates.




Digital Irish Angels in New York (HBAN partner)

The Digital Irish Angels group was formed in 2015 by David Beatty, Feargall Kenny and Shane Naughton. It is an angel investing syndicate that invests in Irish start-ups, for accredited investors. The group was formed out of the broader New York Digital Irish group which promotes Irish start-ups in the USA through a series of events throughout the year. In 2017, HBAN partnered with the Digital Irish Angels connects the group with deals where there is already a HBAN deal lead in place.

HBAN Singapore Syndicate

The Singapore Syndicate has a wealth of knowledge and experience from the Asian markets and industry. Established in 2016, Galen Murphy brought together investors for an investment in an Irish company Kastus. The syndicate partnered with HBAN looking for access to quality deal flow from Ireland and for supports and structures to share with the formed group of Irish Diaspora investors. One of the founding members of the syndicate is also the president of the Singapore Ireland Chamber of Commerce and the syndicate works closing with the group. All sectors are of interest with the main focus being Fintech, Medtech, Agtech, and Ed tech as the syndicate focus on areas of huge concern to Government and wider population in the world's fastest growing region.  The syndicate aims to make investments in firms with proprietary technology/intellectual property that have identified a HBAN deal lead with DD documents and are seeking closing amounts. They have invested in 3 Irish companies to date including HBAN investee company Rubicoin.

HBAN London Syndicate 

The London Syndicate is the third HBAN International business angel group and was formed in March 2018.  Harry McDermott is the Chairman of the Syndicate and is joined by other members from the London-based Irish investor community who are interested in investing in high potential Irish start-ups, particularly in the technology and medtech sectors. The syndicate invested almost €700k into 5 companies within the first 9 months of operation and aims to continue to invest in companies on the island of Ireland that have ambitions to expand into export markets, including the UK. The investors not only provide these businesses with financial support, but also access to contacts which will enable them to grow. This Syndicate has the same model as the other International Syndicates, the companies have been sourced, vetted, prepared and confirmed as investor-ready, high-potential start-ups by HBAN and have investment onboarded from an Irish HBAN Syndicate.

Getting Started

If you are interested in forming or joining an existing syndicate, HBAN will endeavour to connect you with active angel investors with similar investment interests. Speak to a member of the HBAN team today about potential future collaborations.