PANEL 1 – The future of investing

Moderated by Niamh Sterling


  • Méabh Redmond - Head of CX Design at MyWallSt
  • Niamh Bushnell – CEO & Founder, TechIreland
  • Shane Curran – CEO & Founder, Evervault
  • Marianne Hudson  - Executive Director, Angel Capital Association
  • Alvan Hunt – CEO & Founder, Hexafly

"If you think something is important but people older than you don’t hold it in high regard, there’s a reasonable chance that you’re right and they’re wrong. Status lags by a generation or more.”  
John Collison     

This panel session will look at how do we continue to nurture entrepreneurship amongst Ireland’s young talent and not lose it to the likes of Facebook and Google? Following on from that, how do we attract and seed our investor pipeline with that same demographic and does access to impact and socially responsible investing play a part in this.  We will discuss the wider implications and advantages of both to the existing investor network.

The panel will explore with the participants

  • Nearly half of affluent investors have no Social Impact investments in their portfolio. Among younger investors, it’s between 25% to 74%.  Are opportunities being missed and can impact investing deliver even better double bottom line returns?
  • The success of Indiegogo & Kickstarter shows these emerging investors are drawn to products that impact their lives and the world we live in.  Understand if we need to offer more of what they are looking for to seed our investor pipeline?
  • We know inclusive teams perform better – “I understand how existing and more mature investors can benefit from a more diverse funder pool.
  • Understand if the focus of FDI and job creation, as opposed to innovation, is impacting on the development of young entrepreneurs – are we losing them to the tech giants?
  • Understand how important the roles innovation hubs, BT young scientist, science foundation Ireland and JEP is, in promoting entrepreneurship from an early age. Understand what else can be done?


PANEL 2: Managing the investor-investee relationship   

Moderated by Julian Seymour


  • Garry Moroney – Founder & CEO of Clavis Insights / HBAN Angel
  • Ian Dodson – Founder (and former CEO) of Digital Marketing Institute
  • Alan Merriman – Founder & CEO of Elkstone
  • John Power - Founder & CEO of Aerogen / HBAN Angel

The Investor Exit is seen as the primary objective of an Angel Investor to realise a return on their investment. Likewise, for many promotors the objective is to also realise an exit. The timing of investor and promotor exits often vary however. This panel explores the investor/investee relationship from both sides of the table over the course of a company’s growth trajectory towards an exit.

The moderator will explore the following areas with the panel;

  • the role of the early stage investors in scaling
  • the motivation to remain in the business and grow further
  • the motivation to take an exit
  • the strategic importance and role of senior investors
  • managing the investor-investee relationship through the exit process
  • understanding the influence of investors on the outcome