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European Business Angels Network Celebrates its 20-year Anniversary

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Angel investing in Europe turns 20 years old – celebration planned for the milestone anniversary of the pan-European business angel association

EBAN, the European Business Angels Network, announces today its 20th Anniversary Celebration to be held between 14:30 – 17:30 on March 6th at the European Economic and Social Committee premises in Brussels. The event will bring together the founders, past and current presidents and board members of the association, as well as EBAN members and other stakeholders from the early stage ecosystem.

Since its creation in 1999, EBAN has served as the representative of business angels across Europe and has worked to support and develop the European early stage market. The association’s anniversary celebration will feature keynote speeches and panel discussions on how the angel market has evolved over the last 20 years, the role EBAN has played in this regard, and the outlook for the next 20 years of European angel investment.

Keynote speakers at the event include Kristin Schreiber, Director for COSME Programme and SME Policy, Oscar Farres, Head of Business Angel Investments at the European Investment Fund, and EBAN President Emeriti: Peter Jungen, Anthony Clarke, Paulo Andrez, and Candace Johnson. Featured panellists will be Rudy Aernoudt, Senior Economist at DG GROW and Co-Founder of EBAN, and Christian Saublens, Former CEO of EURADA and Founding Board Member of EBAN, as well as angel investors honoured by EBAN for making significant contributions to their local ecosystems: Hansi Hansmann, President of the Austrian Angel Investors Association, Andreas Mihalovits, President of Marbella Tech Angels, and Tom Schultz, Co-Founder of AQAL Capital. The agenda of the event with a full list of speakers will be made available shortly, with additional contributions from EBAN President Peter Cowley, EBAN Director of Secretariat Jacopo Losso, and EESC Employers' Group President Jacek Krawczyk.

Peter Cowley, the President of EBAN, commented: “We are excited to celebrate this great milestone together with our members, partners and community. EBAN has played a crucial role in developing the European early stage ecosystem and we are looking forward to revisiting the work that has been done in the last 20 years, as well as highlighting what the next two decades will bring for the angel and entrepreneurial ecosystem”.

Registration for EBAN’s 20th Anniversary Celebration is open to the public until February 20th. Any interested parties are invited to RSVP at the following link:

The event will end with a reception starting from 17:30.


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