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ESIL Cross Border E-Pitches

By , Thursday, 28th February 2019 | 0 comments
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ESIL, Early Stage Investment Launchpad, is holding cross border E-Pitches as an opportunity to provide support to companies seeking investment and to provide a deal flow to angel investors.

Angel Investors are invited to join the pitch to get introduced to interesting companies that seek investment. You also have the opportunity to suggest promising seed-stage startups, that are looking for investors from your own or your member's portfolios.

Companies selected for the E-Pitch will get:


  • Professional and free coaching prior to the pitch;
  • The opportunity to pitch in front of foreign investors with a strong expertise on target markets;
  • Beyond investment: opportunity to get valuable business contacts (customers, partners) through those foreign networks.

During the first cross border E-Pitch on the 31st of January companies were represented from the sectors such as aeronautics, eco-building, marTech, IA and nutrition seeking investment from 125 k€  to 1.9M€ tickets.

As a result of the last E-Pitch, one deal was already successfully closed between an attending investor and a pitching company.

If you would be interested in joining the cross border E-Pitch as an investor or if you would like to be considered to pitch please contact for further details. 


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