The Entrepreneurial Journey

 “The Entrepreneurial Journey –  It is a Journey, Not a Destination."


Mark Little, a journalist,  for more than 20 years, Foreign Affairs Correspondent, Washington Correspondent and news anchor for RTE. Mark left RTE in December 2009 to set up the social news agency, Storyful, which extracts news from the social media noise.

HBAN was instrumental in arranging angel funding for Storyful, when it raised its initial round of €430K,leading to subsequent rounds totalling €3 million. Mark presented to the angels in September 2010 and the HBAN business angel investor made a return of seven times his investment when Storyful was sold to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp for €18million in December 2013.

Watch as Mark describes the entrepreneurial journey as “going into war with allies” – the core team and investors and the mental stamina that this demands. With some insights and tips on building the team and how the culture you create as a leader will frame the strategy of your start-up and how inevitably the success is dependent on belief in the product and the team. Mark shares some real life stories with the trials and tribulations, the moments of doubt and belief and how the support of the business angel investors was critical to the success of Storyful and how he arrived at his destination with the right exit at the right time!