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The Cross Border Trade and Business Development Body

In a challenging commercial world, business energy makes all the difference. InterTradeIreland can provide businesses with that energy, through a strong mix of business intelligence, meaningful contacts and funding support.

To date over 25,000 small businesses have been supported by InterTradeIreland to identify and develop all-island trade and innovation opportunities. InterTradeIreland helps small businesses capitalise on the extraordinary possibilities that exist right here on the island of Ireland, where cross-border trade exceeds £2bn/ €2.8bn annually.



Sourcing specialist advice or finding the right person with the right skills can be a challenge for businesses, while partnering with academic institutes can be complex. InterTradeIreland can support companies financially in these areas, assisting not only with funding, but also with specialist expertise and vital introductions.
InterTradeIreland helps early stage companies  become more ‘investor ready’ with a range of Equity and Venture Capital Advisory Services and links to key Business Angel networks on the island.
For more established businesses looking to grow then our Funding for Growth Advisory Services and expertise can help guide them to the most appropriate form of finance for their business stage.


InterTradeIreland provides valuable business & policy intelligence on opportunities, regulation, market trends and important influencers.
InterTradeIreland also provides access to a strong knowledge base through Graduates, Universities, Company collaboration and specialist advisors to support innovation and product development.
InterTradeIreland produces the largest all-island Business Monitor survey quarterly, publishes insightful research reports and provides a unique all-island trade statistics portal.


InterTradeIreland’s extensive networks and partnerships, formal and informal, are central to its purpose to grow business in Northern Ireland and Ireland.
A series of business events including conferences, seminars, workshops and masterclasses on various topics and themes, most of which are free to attend, offer companies the valuable opportunity to make those all important connections across the island.


So if your focus is sales growth, innovation, tendering skills, raising venture capital, securing growth funding or improving business intelligence, a good place to start is InterTradeIreland.

Discover What’s Possible.


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